Fire Arsox


In ancient times, carnivorous Pals pursued them relentlessly. The absurd fury in the cries of Arsox transformed into a raging inferno, which has been passed on to this day.

Arsox Details

Food 5
HP 85
Size M
Rarity 4
Melee Attack 100
Shot Attack 95
Defense 95
Support 100
Price 3520
Max Full Stomach 350
Male Probability 50

Arsox Speed

Craft Speed 100
Slow Walk Speed 87
Walk Speed 87
Run Speed 600
Ride Sprint Speed 800
Transportation Speed 343

Arsox Work Suitabilities

Kindling Kindling Level 2
Lumbering Lumbering Level 1

Arsox Active Skills

Ignis Blast Ignis Blast Level 1
Blazing Horn Blazing Horn Level 7
Spirit Fire Spirit Fire Level 15
Flare Arrow Flare Arrow Level 22
Ignis Breath Ignis Breath Level 30
Ignis Rage Ignis Rage Level 40
Fire Ball Fire Ball Level 50

Arsox Item Drops

Arsox Partner Skills

Warm Body Warm Body

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