Fire Dark Blazehowl Noct

Blazehowl Noct

While it prefers raw meat, it always ends up eating tainted meat. This is due to its dark claws, which it uses as its weapon—it simply doesn't realize its prey gets cursed.

Blazehowl Noct Details

Food 7
HP 105
Size L
Rarity 8
Melee Attack 100
Shot Attack 115
Defense 80
Support 100
Price 4360
Max Full Stomach 475
Male Probability 50

Blazehowl Noct Speed

Craft Speed 100
Slow Walk Speed 60
Walk Speed 90
Run Speed 750
Ride Sprint Speed 900
Transportation Speed 420

Blazehowl Noct Work Suitabilities

Kindling Kindling Level 3
Lumbering Lumbering Level 2

Blazehowl Noct Active Skills

Shadow Burst Shadow Burst Level 1
Flare Arrow Flare Arrow Level 7
Ignis Breath Ignis Breath Level 15
Spirit Flame Spirit Flame Level 22
Ignis Rage Ignis Rage Level 30
Fire Ball Fire Ball Level 40
Dark Laser Dark Laser Level 50

Blazehowl Noct Item Drops

Blazehowl Noct Partner Skills

Darkflame Lion Darkflame Lion

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