Grass Elizabee


Empress of the Hive

Elizabee Details

Food 7
HP 90
Size XL
Rarity 8
Melee Attack 100
Shot Attack 105
Defense 100
Support 100
Price 6830
Max Full Stomach 475
Male Probability 10

Elizabee Speed

Craft Speed 100
Slow Walk Speed 150
Walk Speed 250
Run Speed 450
Ride Sprint Speed 550
Transportation Speed 350

Elizabee Work Suitabilities

Planting Planting Level 2
Handiwork Handiwork Level 2
Gathering Gathering Level 2
Lumbering Lumbering Level 1
Medicine Production Medicine Production Level 2

Elizabee Active Skills

Air Cannon Air Cannon Level 1
Wind Cutter Wind Cutter Level 7
Poison Blast Poison Blast Level 15
Spinning Lance Spinning Lance Level 22
Grass Tornado Grass Tornado Level 30
Spine Vine Spine Vine Level 40
Solar Blast Solar Blast Level 50

Elizabee Partner Skills

Queen Bee Command Queen Bee Command

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