Dark Lyleen Noct

Lyleen Noct

Empress of the Abyss

Lyleen Noct Details

Food 6
HP 110
Size XL
Rarity 10
Melee Attack 100
Shot Attack 110
Defense 115
Support 100
Price 7610
Max Full Stomach 400
Male Probability 30

Lyleen Noct Speed

Craft Speed 100
Slow Walk Speed 60
Walk Speed 100
Run Speed 450
Ride Sprint Speed 550
Transportation Speed 275

Lyleen Noct Work Suitabilities

Handiwork Handiwork Level 3
Gathering Gathering Level 2
Medicine Production Medicine Production Level 3

Lyleen Noct Active Skills

Dark Ball Dark Ball Level 1
Icicle Cutter Icicle Cutter Level 7
Shadow Burst Shadow Burst Level 15
Cryst Breath Cryst Breath Level 22
Nightmare Ball Nightmare Ball Level 30
Blizzard Spike Blizzard Spike Level 40
Dark Laser Dark Laser Level 50

Lyleen Noct Partner Skills

Goddess of the Tranquil Light Goddess of the Tranquil Light

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