Grass Bristla


This prickly Pal's thorns are highly poisonous. It is friendly with Cinnamoth and only smiles while a Cinnamoth is drinking its nectar.

Bristla Details

Food 5
HP 80
Size S
Rarity 1
Melee Attack 80
Shot Attack 80
Defense 80
Support 100
Price 1140
Max Full Stomach 350
Male Probability 50

Bristla Speed

Craft Speed 100
Slow Walk Speed 50
Walk Speed 100
Run Speed 400
Ride Sprint Speed 550
Transportation Speed 250

Bristla Work Suitabilities

Planting Planting Level 1
Handiwork Handiwork Level 1
Gathering Gathering Level 1
Medicine Production Medicine Production Level 2
Transporting Transporting Level 1

Bristla Active Skills

Wind Cutter Wind Cutter Level 1
Seed Machine Gun Seed Machine Gun Level 7
Ice Missile Ice Missile Level 15
Grass Tornado Grass Tornado Level 22
Iceberg Iceberg Level 30
Spine Vine Spine Vine Level 40
Solar Blast Solar Blast Level 50

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