Ice Dragon Chillet


It can curl up its body and roll around at extremely high speeds. Long ago, people would tie bags of milk to domesticated Chillet as they grazed to produce butter using this spinning force.

Chillet Details

Food 3
HP 90
Size M
Rarity 4
Melee Attack 100
Shot Attack 80
Defense 80
Support 100
Price 3450
Max Full Stomach 225
Male Probability 50

Chillet Speed

Craft Speed 100
Slow Walk Speed 100
Walk Speed 180
Run Speed 600
Ride Sprint Speed 800
Transportation Speed 390

Chillet Work Suitabilities

Gathering Gathering Level 1
Cooling Cooling Level 1

Chillet Active Skills

Ice Missile Ice Missile Level 1
Dragon Cannon Dragon Cannon Level 7
Dragon Burst Dragon Burst Level 15
Icicle Cutter Icicle Cutter Level 22
Draconic Breath Draconic Breath Level 30
Cryst Breath Cryst Breath Level 40
Dragon Meteor Dragon Meteor Level 50

Chillet Item Drops

Chillet Partner Skills

Wriggling Weasel Wriggling Weasel

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