Ground Digtoise


A walking contradiction, possessing the strongest shell and the only drill capable of piercing it. |Digtoise's Fable| is a popular children's tale.

Digtoise Details

Food 5
HP 80
Size M
Rarity 5
Melee Attack 80
Shot Attack 95
Defense 120
Support 100
Price 2980
Max Full Stomach 350
Male Probability 50

Digtoise Speed

Craft Speed 100
Slow Walk Speed 75
Walk Speed 120
Run Speed 300
Ride Sprint Speed 420
Transportation Speed 190

Digtoise Work Suitabilities

Mining Mining Level 3

Digtoise Active Skills

Aqua Gun Aqua Gun Level 1
Stone Blast Stone Blast Level 7
Shell Spin Shell Spin Level 15
Stone Cannon Stone Cannon Level 22
Sand Tornado Sand Tornado Level 30
Aqua Burst Aqua Burst Level 40
Rock Lance Rock Lance Level 50

Digtoise Partner Skills

Drill Crusher Drill Crusher

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