Ice Foxcicle


On nights when the aurora is visible, it looks up towards the sky and begins to howl a beautiful song. This does, however, leave it vulnerable to attacks from enemies.

Foxcicle Details

Food 3
HP 90
Size S
Rarity 5
Melee Attack 100
Shot Attack 95
Defense 105
Support 100
Price 3730
Max Full Stomach 225
Male Probability 50

Foxcicle Speed

Craft Speed 100
Slow Walk Speed 65
Walk Speed 130
Run Speed 600
Ride Sprint Speed 750
Transportation Speed 315

Foxcicle Work Suitabilities

Cooling Cooling Level 2

Foxcicle Active Skills

Air Cannon Air Cannon Level 1
Ice Missile Ice Missile Level 7
Icicle Cutter Icicle Cutter Level 15
Spirit Flame Spirit Flame Level 22
Iceberg Iceberg Level 30
Cryst Breath Cryst Breath Level 40
Blizzard Spike Blizzard Spike Level 50

Foxcicle Item Drops

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