Water Kelpsea


Its personality changes depending on the quality of the water it was born into. Kelpsea born into polluted waters are generally ill-tempered and quickly become delinquents.

Kelpsea Details

Food 1
HP 70
Size XS
Rarity 1
Melee Attack 100
Shot Attack 70
Defense 70
Support 100
Price 1260
Max Full Stomach 100
Male Probability 50

Kelpsea Speed

Craft Speed 100
Slow Walk Speed 50
Walk Speed 100
Run Speed 700
Ride Sprint Speed 900
Transportation Speed 400

Kelpsea Work Suitabilities

Watering Watering Level 1

Kelpsea Active Skills

Hydro Jet Hydro Jet Level 1
Dragon Cannon Dragon Cannon Level 7
Aqua Gun Aqua Gun Level 15
Bubble Blast Bubble Blast Level 22
Power Bomb Power Bomb Level 30
Aqua Burst Aqua Burst Level 40
Hydro Laser Hydro Laser Level 50

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