Fire Ground Reptyro


Magma-like blood runs throughout its body. If a large amount of water is thrown on it, this water rapidly heats, causing an immense vapor explosion.

Reptyro Details

Food 5
HP 110
Size L
Rarity 6
Melee Attack 100
Shot Attack 105
Defense 120
Support 100
Price 6940
Max Full Stomach 350
Male Probability 50

Reptyro Speed

Craft Speed 100
Slow Walk Speed 50
Walk Speed 80
Run Speed 390
Ride Sprint Speed 550
Transportation Speed 235

Reptyro Work Suitabilities

Kindling Kindling Level 3
Mining Mining Level 3

Reptyro Active Skills

Ignis Blast Ignis Blast Level 1
Stone Blast Stone Blast Level 7
Stone Cannon Stone Cannon Level 15
Ignis Breath Ignis Breath Level 22
Volcanic Burst Volcanic Burst Level 30
Ignis Rage Ignis Rage Level 40
Rock Lance Rock Lance Level 50

Reptyro Item Drops

Reptyro Partner Skills

Ore-loving Beast Ore-loving Beast

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