Grass Ground Gumoss


A strange Pal with a body resembling tree sap. It gradually loses strength if it has nothing to cover its body with, eventually rotting away.

Gumoss Details

Food 1
HP 70
Size XS
Rarity 1
Melee Attack 100
Shot Attack 70
Defense 70
Support 100
Price 1310
Max Full Stomach 100
Male Probability 50

Gumoss Speed

Craft Speed 100
Slow Walk Speed 50
Walk Speed 50
Run Speed 300
Ride Sprint Speed 400
Transportation Speed 175

Gumoss Work Suitabilities

Planting Planting Level 1

Gumoss Active Skills

Sand Blast Sand Blast Level 1
Wind Cutter Wind Cutter Level 7
Stone Blast Stone Blast Level 15
Seed Machine Gun Seed Machine Gun Level 22
Seed Mine Seed Mine Level 30
Sand Tornado Sand Tornado Level 40
Solar Blast Solar Blast Level 50

Gumoss Partner Skills

Logging Assistance Logging Assistance

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