Ice Sweepa


While hibernating, a large number of Swee hide within its voluminous body hair. The most ever recorded is 101.

Sweepa Details

Food 3
HP 100
Size L
Rarity 6
Melee Attack 100
Shot Attack 90
Defense 90
Support 100
Price 6400
Max Full Stomach 225
Male Probability 50

Sweepa Speed

Craft Speed 100
Slow Walk Speed 60
Walk Speed 120
Run Speed 300
Ride Sprint Speed 500
Transportation Speed 210

Sweepa Work Suitabilities

Gathering Gathering Level 2
Cooling Cooling Level 2

Sweepa Active Skills

Power Shot Power Shot Level 1
Ice Missile Ice Missile Level 7
Icicle Cutter Icicle Cutter Level 15
Iceberg Iceberg Level 22
Cryst Breath Cryst Breath Level 30
Pal Blast Pal Blast Level 40
Blizzard Spike Blizzard Spike Level 50

Sweepa Item Drops

Sweepa Partner Skills

King of Fluff King of Fluff

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